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Kath | The joy of dancing as a hobby

#IDANCEBECAUSE it brings me joy!

Kath // Lawyer and Dance enthusiast

I started ballet when I was three and absolutely loved it. I looked forward to my weekly lessons and enjoyed dancing in a few shows until I was 16, but it all stopped when I decided to focus on my exams.

I didn’t realise just how much I’d missed dance until I went back to it over ten years later. I’d been through a few of life’s challenges during that time. Taking @karenestabrook’s jazz class helped me find my happy place again.

My job in law is pretty demanding and requires focus and precision. Dance is my release; it’s such a great way to throw off the seriousness and pressures of daily life. Going into a dance studio is the complete opposite of work for me – no responsibilities, no expectations, just fun.

Great music + a fantastic dance teacher = pure joy!

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