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Raquel Beauchamp, American Liberty Ballet, New York | "There's no better feeling in the world"

#IDANCEBECAUSE there’s no better feeling in the world.

Raquel Beauchamp (@raqbeau). Ballerina. From Puerto Rico, living in NYC. I started ballet at 3 years old, but didn’t actually like it. It took a few years to realise that dance was something I aspired to.

However, I initially took the “safe” route - the college thing, internship, full-time job. I never really gave myself the opportunity to chase my dreams, until I decided to pursue dance full-time at age 24. This was my biggest challenge – along with learning how to dance en-pointe, which I’d missed out on learning as a child. I’m so happy I finally gave myself a chance.

Dancers that inspire me include Marianela Núñez (@marianelanunezofficial), Isabella Boylston (@isabellaboylston) and Iana Salenko (@iana_salenko). Living in New York is a constant source of inspiration too – the energy and the opportunities that this city has to offer. Dance has taught me self-discipline and determination. It’s also taught me that I’m stronger than I realise. Nothing is impossible as long as you have a passion for it.

My ultimate dance dream is to dance at The Met one day. And to become a Rockette (@therockettes), of course!

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